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At EWG CONSULTANTS we specialise in providing tailor made operational packages, to conduct complete Operations at the High Risk end of a client’s demand spectrum.
This is in the form of Tactical Teams and Counter Assault Teams for static and mobile deployments.
We also provide

  • Diplomatic Details
  • Corporate Details
  • Medical Tourism
  • Celebrities
  • Private Sector
  • Transportation of High-value goods

Our team is highly specialised and skilled in the customization of any detail, to the client’s required spec.
As part of our commitment to the development of local communities, any new recruits will be sourced locally. All Associates will receive not only on-going technical training, but also be upskilled in both life and business skills.
By incentivising Associates above the current industry standard, we guarantee a more loyal and committed workforce.


Partnering with E.W.G Consultants, you, as our valued clients, are ‘Safe in the Knowledge’
Our competitive edge lies in our experience, pricing, service levels and contractual flexibility.
We have operated both locally and internationally, ranging from low key details to managing multi- million dollar contracts.
E.W.G Associates have comprehensive training in the following fields:

  • Advanced, defensive and convoy driving
  • Firearms and edged weapons training
  • First aid and paramedic training
  • Martial arts and unarmed combat
  • Foot movements and formations
  • PSD protocols
  • Mission, itinerary, project and movement planning and execution
  • Grooming, dress code and etiquette protocols

For further information, or to set up a consultation, please contact us on 065 876 3023 or email